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News and Announcements

10/9/18 PTA Meeting

Click here for the items that were shared at the 10/9/18 PTA meeting. The PTA meeting introduced the Personal Body Safety Lesson, Signs of Suicide Program and Souces of Strength Program to the community. 

SPED/504/ESOL Parent Tea Presentation

Please click here for the SPED/504/ESOL Parent Tea Presentation of 10/12/18

National PTA Reflections 2018-19

Please click here for more information regarding the National PTA Reflections 2018-19

6th grade Parent Tea Power Point

Please click here to view the 9/14/18 6th grade Parent Tea Powerpoint

Financial Park Information

Finance Park All 7th graders will take part in Personal Finance Education. Lessons and activities dedicated to topics related to finance literacy will be implemented over a 3 week period of time in the classroom. Students will be attending Finance Park on Feb. 20-22, 2019. Volunteers are NEEDED! At least 20 volunteers needed for each day for our 7th graders to have an exciting and enriched day at Finance Park. Each volunteer will have at least 6 students to support throughout their day at the park. Volunteers will meet our Hoover students at Finance Park located at Thomas Edison HS in Silver Spring. Click here for more information

September 5, 2019 Admin/Counselor Powerpoint for student assemblies

Please click here for the Admin/Counselor student assembly Powerpoint of 9/5/18

2018-19 Summer Mailing

Please click here for an important message from Dr. Yong-Mi Kim, principal of Hoover Middle School.

2018-19 Bus Schedules

Please click here for the 2018-19 Bus schedules

Back to School Informational Post Card

Back to School Informational Postcard click here

Hoover Gear

Parents and Students, please click the Hoover Online Store button to purchase Hoover Gear! Located on the right of the main page.