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Welcome to the Sherwood Counseling Department


  • To promote respect among students and staff.
  •  Encourage students to challenge themselves academically and pursue a rigorous curriculum.
  •  Work with students, staff and parents to promote a spirit of cooperation.


Hours:   7:00am-3:30pm
Office:   301-924-3210    
Fax:      301-924-3220


Counselor Assignments:

  Counselors: Email Grade 9-11  Grades 12
 Giffen Elizabeth Giffen
Resource Counselor
 Elizabeth_K_Giffen@mcpsmd.org   A - BA     A
  Greg Carter  Gregory_A_Carter@mcpsmd.org   BE - DA B - CAP
Sue Bray Sue Bray  Susanne_Bray@mcpsmd.org   DE - GRI CAR - FD
  Kelly Singleton Kelly Singleton  Kelly_M_Singleton@mcpsmd.org GRO - KE FE - JA


Christina Newbill  Christina_M_Newbill@mcpsmd.org KH - MEH JB - MAR
 Kiana Kiana Thompson  Kiana_K_Thompson@mcpsmd.org MEJ - PRA MAS - PE
 Bill Sartori, Sherwood HS Counseling Bill Sartori  William_L_Sartori@mcpsmd.org PRO - STA PF - ST
 Jamii Avery, Sherwood HS Counseling Jamii Avery  Jamii_Avery@mcpsmd.org STE - Z      SU - Z


  Secretaries Email
 Jenny Davis Jenny Davis  Jenny_S_Davis@mcpsmd.org  
 Barbara Lee, Sherwood HS Counseling Barbara Lee  Barbara_A_Lee@mcpsmd.org


  Student Support Staff : Email  Contact
 Mrs. Janette Hernandez, Registrar at Sherwood HS Counseling Mrs. Janette Hernandez, Registrar Janette_E_Hernandez@mcpsmd.org (301) 924-3286
 Mr. Joe Hock, College/Career Advisor at Sherwood HS Mr. Joe Hock, College/Career Advisor Joseph_R_HockJr@mcpsmd.org (301) 924-3219


Student Services staff: Position
Ms. Lajuana Maynard Pupil Personnel Worker
Ms. Nancy Baglin

School Psychologist